Sunday, January 9, 2011

Officer Howell's French Fries

Nothing puts a smile on my boy’s faces faster than telling them we are going to have Officer Howell’s French Fries along with our hamburgers. He made them all the time for them at Scout Camp and Youth Conference, so they made me find out his “secret” ingredient so I could make them at home. We usually go through 10-15 potatoes whenever we make them because they love them so much.

Wash potatoes, peel (if desired), slice into fries with my fancy schmancy fry maker Sean got me for Christmas last year, deep fry in Canola oil, drain and sprinkle with the SECRET Cavendar’s Greek Seasoning. YUM!
NOTE: They also love baked potatoes rubbed with butter mixed with Cavendar’s seasoning and baked in the oven without foil.
Yummy, crispy peelings are the best!

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  1. Lori! I didn't know you had another blog! You amaze me! Seriously, if I had the ambition, talent, and organization skills that you have, I would be a happier person! Thank you for sharing!